Top Nintendo Switch Peripherals and Accessories

Posted on April 22, 2017 at 10:48 pm

With the Nintendo Switch recently coming back into stock in stores, more and more people are getting there hands on the flagship console. Alongside all these new consoles are the release of various Nintendo Switch peripherals and accessories. Some are good and some completely change the way the console can be used, here are a few of them.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The pro controller allows transforms the Switch into a true home system. The controller is a dual-stick, wireless controller and gives the player the ability to sit back on a sofa and experience the console the traditional way.

Screen Protectors

The first screen protectors that were available from retailers sold out fast, and for good reason. With the Switch being a handheld system, along with how it’s dock works, the risk of scratches to the screen are high. A screen protector negates this risk and is strongly recommended for all Switch users.

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