PS3 Classics – Ni no Kuni

Posted on November 15, 2016 at 9:09 pm

Ni no Kuni entered the gaming sphere surrounded with an aura of hype. A Studio Ghibli game? That idea alone was enough to warrant the anticipation. While the game itself didn’t quite carry with it the grandeur of a classic Studio Gibli film, it did bring with it some of that Ghibli magic with an interesting collect ’em all style creature system.

The charming Ni no Kuni is described by some as Chrono Trigger crossed with Pokemon, all wrapped up in the Studio Ghibli style. A style which wasn’t copied entirely either, Studio Ghibli actually worked on the game’s animation themselves.

The story revolves around a boy named Oliver, who sets out to become a wizard in the hopes of toppling evil and saving his recently departed mother. The timeless world is rich and inventive whether talking scenarios, enemies, characters, or the surrounding locales and the heartfelt themes and motifs make up for troublesome levelling mechanics.


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