Is The PS4 Pro Worth It?

Posted on May 13, 2017 at 12:09 am

In 2016 Sony launched two new versions of it’s flagship console. The PS4 Pro is a meatier and more powerful version of the standard model that is able to handle 4k performance gaming and High dynamic range processing.

The other new console is the PS4 Slim. It’s functionally the same as the base model, but is sleeker and lighter. It is officially becoming known as the main PS4 as the older models are phased out.

The PS4 Pro has a graphics processor that’s twice as powerful as the one in the base model PS4. It also has an upgraded processor which allows the console to handle physics and artificial intelligence in games more easily.

These features allow the PS4 Pro to make games look a little better graphically, which is a noticeable difference when using a 4k TV. But the PS4 Pro doesn’t have any exclusive games so is realistically only worth it if you want to use it with a 4k TV.


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