Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training – Does It Work?

Posted on May 7, 2021 at 8:30 am

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training is a game that has been released by Nintendo that is said to improve your brain, improving your memory and how your brain works.

Unfortunately, even though this game is incredibly fun, there is little to no evidence to show that playing this game really does anything to help your brain. While you may see your brain age score go from 70+ to around the 20 age mark, there is nothing to support this. The game is simply finding these results by how you play, which is near impossible. The game does not take into account that some people may struggle with some aspects. For example, if you are dyslexic, you may struggle with maths or reading. The game should take into account your own progress, which it does not. You are simply playing the games for your own pleasure. While completing the game daily, may help with some aspects, it simply doesn’t improve your brain. The only thing it may improve is how quick you can complete simple addition sums and match letter of the alphabet to the corresponding number.

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