A Guide To Among Us: Hints and Tips

Posted on April 12, 2021 at 8:21 am

To end our blog series surrounding the popular online game Among Us, we are going to be focusing upon hints and tips. We are all guilty of it, whenever we play a game, we want to win. This is why we are going to share our hints and tips to help you win every time in the game Among Us.

Winning As A Crewmate:
It is more common in the game of Among Us for you to become a Crewmate over Imposter. So to begin with, we are going to share with you our tips for winning as a crewmate.

If you want to win as a crewmate we recommend that you spend time viewing the security cameras. This allows you to watch what is going on without others realising. Meaning you may catch an imposter in action.

You should always try to stick with someone when completing your tasks. You should find someone who you can see is not the imposter and stick with them. The imposter is unlikely to kill if there is more than one person as they will be caught.

Winning As The Imposter
Now, the role we all want is to be the imposter, but how can you ensure you win when playing as the imposter?

To be a successful imposter you need to know where the tasks are normally situated. This way you can fake task, meaning people will not be suspicious of you as they will believe you are helping.

You should also consider venting. This allows you to move around the map faster than others walking. But you need to be careful not to be caught going in or out of the vents.

Finally, the main role of the imposter is killing. You need to make sure that you are killing other players when they are alone. If there are two imposters in the game you can complete a double kill on two people at the same time.

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