How To Make Gaming Fun For Those Who Hate Games!

Posted on July 6, 2021 at 7:58 am

Gaming, especially family games nights, is meant to be a fun experience. But how can we make these as enjoyable as possible for those in the world who just hate games in general?

To make this experience fun for the member who seems to hate all games, talk to them. Find out if there are any games in particular that they do enjoy. Whatever it is, even if it’s not popular, try to include it or something similar. This will make the session more enjoyable for them and show them you do care about them having a good night.

You can also think about the classics. There is a wide selection of games that are simple, enabling participants of all ages to have fun. A good game to include is Mario Kart, a game that brings out competitiveness but also has easy controls that are quick to master.

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