Games For The Whole Family

Posted on August 16, 2020 at 7:11 pm

Everyone enjoys a good family competition. But what are some of the best games to play together as a family?

One of my personal favourites to play with the family is Mario Kart. This brings out the competitive side in anyone. Mario Kart is perfect for any family game night. There are many different options on Mario Kart too, from normal racing to battles.

Another favourite for my family is Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch. This is just like the classic Monopoly board game but without all the stress. Everything is contained on the TV screen. However, you can still get very competitive like in your normal Monopoly game.

Finally, Jackbox on the Nintendo switch. Jackbox has 6 different selections of games to choose from. Each of the 6 games comes with its own selection of different games. From trivia and drawing to monster dating. This is great fun for all the family and is a great laugh for all.

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