Competitive Games To Play As A Family

Posted on June 4, 2021 at 3:09 pm

We all know families, you can’t help but be competitive with each other. There is nothing anybody loves more than beating their family at any game around. Any family game night in our household is always made into a competition. So, what are some of our favourite games to play as a family?

Mario Kart
A staple game to play in our family is Mario Kart. This is one that the whole family can get involved with. It is one of our favourite console games to play. With you being able to race against each other on a large variety of tracks.

Another popular game in our household is Monopoly. This board game is a classic to play amongst families across the nation. With you being able to compete with each other on owning the board and being the last player standing. This game can last a while and will not be suitable for younger players due to difficult rules and small pieces.

With summer fast approaching, sports are a great game to play as families for getting out into the sunshine. Some of our favourite sports to play include football or running races. If you have younger children it can be fun to do egg and spoon races or obstacle courses.

Quiz Nights
Another game you can take part in as a family is quiz nights. One option is hosting your very own quiz night, where you create your own questions and compete for a prize. Another option is finding an online quiz, which can be found in console game form or live quizzes. These will bring out the competitiveness in every family.

All of these are great options for a family game night. Let us know if you have any other games that you enjoy for family game nights.

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