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Too many games

Posted on September 1, 2015 at 9:54 am

As I sit here doing my work, writing my words and drinking my coffee I have Steam open. I like to watch people log in, come and go as they please and load up and play the occasional game. Steam lets you know when friends do all of those activities, at least then it feels like stuff is going on around me while I slave away over a hot keyboard churning out thousands of words daily!


One person on my friends list, it seems, is having a real issue deciding on what to play. He, like me, seems to have a bad case of “Too Many Games” disease; a real affliction in these parts. In the past ten minutes he has loaded up Final Fantasy XIV, DOTA 2, Counter Strike: GO and now, finally, Ultra Street Fighter IV which he has, I think, settled on playing. Here’s to hoping!

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Rimworld: Simulated madness

Posted on August 2, 2015 at 6:47 pm

Along with the resurgence of rogue like games in the recent generation, another genre that has exploded in popularity is that of the simulation. I don’t mean like Microsoft Flight Simulator, but instead games that simulate large amounts of complex data to churn out completely random and ridiculous elements to make players develop their own stories in your games. They do this by providing the game engine with a huge number of possible scenarios that all collide with one another to create insane scenarios for players to muddle their way through.
Rimworld has taken the Dwarf Fortress formula and applied it to space. You direct a group of settlers on alien planets and guide them through various catastrophes , largely caused by you and your decisions. They can be anything; food shortages, deer invasions, in fighting between the colonists. The amount of options these simulations offer is staggering.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

Posted on June 18, 2015 at 8:48 pm

Dinosaurs. After the wild success of Jurassic Park all those years ago you would have thought that dinosaurs would explode into the videogame world with alarming pace. However, outside of a few titles the presence of dinosaurs has been sorely absent, to the point where my dear friend, the number one Jurassic Park fan in the world, began to lose faith. The past couple of years, however, have seen a number of dinosaurs slowly lumber their way into a number of early access title on Steam.
The most popular of those has been ARK: Survival Evolved. While many of the other games tried to place dinosaurs as predators, something to be feared in a world where you are alone, ARK has understood the appeal of existing in a world alongside dinosaurs. They are predators, but can be tamed and ridden, and the existence of other players means the world has a much more dynamic feel.

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Far Cry 2: Systems and nonsense

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 12:47 pm

Far Cry is, now, a series regarded for its open world funhouse. Beautiful playgrounds where players can charge around the map collecting things, ticking off checkpoints, liberating people and generally causing mayhem within a specifically designed rulebook; one that doesn’t allow for much frustration at all. That wasn’t always the way though; while Far Cry 1 was a decent first person shooter that led on to Crysis, Far Cry 2 was the studio’s first “open world” game, and what an effort it was.


The game had the open world of the later Far Cry games but it also had an intense thrill of danger, something the subsequent games would lack. Malaria was a constant threat in the harsh African wilderness, while guns were unreliable and hostile locals were plenty. The game’s systems were unique and interesting and clashed in ways that produced amazing emergent results. The game still hasn’t been matched in the series since.

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Mortal Kombat X: Fatality reborn

Posted on April 19, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Outside of the Grand Theft Auto series and the Doom series there has always been one series that attracted an enormous amount of media controversy for its over the top, violent portrayal of one on one fighting. That series is Mortal Kombat. The game takes its influences from games like Street Fighter; one on one intense fighting. While Street Fighter is a little more Japanese in its style, Mortal Kombat is, for better or worse, a heavily Western game. Street Fighter sees people KO’d after their health bar reaches zero, Mortal Kombat, however, allows players to perform special moves called fatalities. Thus the criticism was born.


Each character has their own fatality; a move specifically designed to encompass their characteristics. Each more gruesome and over the top than the last. The latest entry, Mortal Kombat X, is no exception. Given that we now have top of the range graphics on our systems the game, and the kills to go with it, are even more gory than ever before. The criticism can certainly be understood; especially given that children have access to these games, and parents are poorly educated, youngsters are getting their hands on the game.


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