The end of daily deals

Posted on November 30, 2015 at 9:11 am

Now then – this is headline news. For year Steam sales have dominated the holiday seasons by offering great value for a week or ten day period. As part of the sales tradition Steam offered what was called Daily Deals – every game was on sale over the course of the sale – but on these days games had an extra discount. The phrase “wait for the daily deals” was the mantra of sales. Occasionally, though, people would get burned. They might buy a game on day one only to find it a good few pounds cheaper later.
To that end Valve have announced that daily deals, and flash deals – a shorter deal that might only last a few hours, will be no more. Instead we will just have sales with various activities over the course of the week or 10 days. That does quite well by me – though the worry is that the daily deal prices we were used to seeing will be gone. Instead we’ll just have resting prices that publishers don’t need to risk.

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