Splatoon: Believe the hype

Posted on September 29, 2015 at 8:20 pm

So I hadn’t played Splatoon before. A mainly multiplayer focused game on the console with the worst online integration of all the current generation; a game that wasn’t about killing, a game that wasn’t about scoring points in traditional ways. It is a game about painting. Two teams of four compete over a map with the aim of covering as much of the ground as possible in paint the colour of their team.

It’s simple, but that works to the game’s credit. There’s a lot of stuff I’m not crazy about; there’s some slow pace between the games and walking around the plaza and suffering through some introductory stuff every time you log in or visit a shop. But the gameplay is great fun; the matches are short, 3 minutes at a time, and even a loss is easy to take because, before you know it, you’re into another game.

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