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Gifting A Console At Christmas

Posted on December 8, 2021 at 9:58 am

Buying a new console as a gift for a loved one can be an exciting time, especially when you know it is something they are going to love. But how can you gift a console in a unique way?

When your recipient may be expecting to receive this as a gift, you may wish to disguise it. One of the fun ways to do this is a box inside a box idea. This is where you put the gift into boxes that gradually get bigger. This will make it difficult for them to guess what their gift is.

You could also consider completing a treasure hunt. Hiding the gift in plain sight but giving them a treasure hunt with clues to be able to find it. These clues could lead them to believe they have another gift waiting for them making it more of a surprise.

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Mario Kart – Hints and Tips

Posted on October 14, 2021 at 9:51 am

Mario Kart is one game that has been around for decades. Played by us, our parents, our grandparents, our children, and possibly many future generations to come. So, with this game being so popular we thought we would share with you some of our hints and tips. Helping you to win at Mario Kart and have the best time playing.

Start On Easy Mode
It is so easy when you first play Mario kart to go against the best computers in the fastest cars. But, if you want to get good at Mario kart … DON’T DO THIS. Start off easy and give yourself time to learn. Once you begin to get better at racing you can move up the levels increasing the difficulty.

Learn The Courses
There are many different race tracks that you will be able to play and unlock on Mario kart, no matter which game it is. You will want to spend your time learning each of the courses. Each track will have a best route to take that will allow you to complete it in the fastest time. There will be hidden shortcuts, so see if you can find them as well.

Use Your Power-Ups
On Mario Kart, you are able to drive into boxes and collect special power-ups. You should always use these power-ups. They provide you with an advantage that will help you to beat your opponents. If you are in 1st place, you’ll get ones that help you to keep ahead. If you are further behind you will be given some that will help you to catch up with other racers.

These are just some of our many hints and tips that will help you to become good at Mario kart. Most importantly, you don’t want to get too big for your boots. Learn the new tracks, take your time, but most importantly have plenty of fun.

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Fun Games For Young Children

Posted on August 9, 2021 at 9:06 am

The truth is, any parent wants to make their children’s lives fun and enjoyable. But how can we do that in the sense of games with younger children who may not be able to play them properly?

Well, let’s think about it, what is fun for us is completely different to what is fun for children. For us, what is most enjoyable is playing the game correctly, and competing to win. But for children, this does not matter at a young age. What is enjoyable for them is completely different. They much prefer being creative, they prefer just messing around and attempting to play the game in the way they think is right.

So, at such a young age, to make any gaming times enjoyable for children, think about them. Try to make it more enjoyable for them rather than yourself. Let them come up with their own games for you all to play. Let them make up their own rules and you go along with the fun. This will not only be enjoyable for the young child but will become enjoyable for the family as you will see the joy on their faces.

Alternatively, if you do want to have a competitive games night that is fun for all of the adults, there are ways you can still do this. Consider buying your children an alternative game, one that is more suitable for their age range. This way you can play your game correctly and competitively whilst your children are still able to have fun with a game suitable for them.

Finally, just remember it is not always about the adults having fun. Changing the game slightly to suit the younger participants needs is ok. You can change the rules. Just because rules are there does not mean you can’t change them to suit your own needs. So change the rules and have fun!

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How To Make Gaming Fun For Those Who Hate Games!

Posted on July 6, 2021 at 7:58 am

Gaming, especially family games nights, is meant to be a fun experience. But how can we make these as enjoyable as possible for those in the world who just hate games in general?

To make this experience fun for the member who seems to hate all games, talk to them. Find out if there are any games in particular that they do enjoy. Whatever it is, even if it’s not popular, try to include it or something similar. This will make the session more enjoyable for them and show them you do care about them having a good night.

You can also think about the classics. There is a wide selection of games that are simple, enabling participants of all ages to have fun. A good game to include is Mario Kart, a game that brings out competitiveness but also has easy controls that are quick to master.

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Competitive Games To Play As A Family

Posted on June 4, 2021 at 3:09 pm

We all know families, you can’t help but be competitive with each other. There is nothing anybody loves more than beating their family at any game around. Any family game night in our household is always made into a competition. So, what are some of our favourite games to play as a family?

Mario Kart
A staple game to play in our family is Mario Kart. This is one that the whole family can get involved with. It is one of our favourite console games to play. With you being able to race against each other on a large variety of tracks.

Another popular game in our household is Monopoly. This board game is a classic to play amongst families across the nation. With you being able to compete with each other on owning the board and being the last player standing. This game can last a while and will not be suitable for younger players due to difficult rules and small pieces.

With summer fast approaching, sports are a great game to play as families for getting out into the sunshine. Some of our favourite sports to play include football or running races. If you have younger children it can be fun to do egg and spoon races or obstacle courses.

Quiz Nights
Another game you can take part in as a family is quiz nights. One option is hosting your very own quiz night, where you create your own questions and compete for a prize. Another option is finding an online quiz, which can be found in console game form or live quizzes. These will bring out the competitiveness in every family.

All of these are great options for a family game night. Let us know if you have any other games that you enjoy for family game nights.

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